Google Home Support offers an exclusive support for the newest entrant in the world of smart home automation, i.e., Google Home. Google Home Support has been closely monitoring the device since its very inception, which is the reason of our excellence in providing assistance for Google Home. There are a plenty of features that are added in Google Home, which are nowhere to be found in other smart home automation devices. Google Home is for those people who are looking for a top-notch device, which is equipped with conventional and unconventional features.

Google Home comes with Google Assistant, which is an award-winning platform. In order to operate this device, there is a waking word that has been given by the company. The waking word is ‘OK Google’, and if you want the device to operate, then you have to say ‘OK Google’ followed by your command, which could be anything, from switching off/on electrical equipment at home to listening your favorite music and from reserving a table in a popular hotel to booking a movie.

All these features can only be cherished if you perform Google Home setup properly. For that, you need to take the help of experts like us. We at Google Home Support offer all the details that you need to setup the device in the right way.

Here are a few things that you need to make sure are present. Google Home Support

  1. Google Home device.
  2. An account on Google.
  3. Google Home application installed on the smartphone.
  4. An internet connection.

Here is Google Home guide that will help you setup the device in a proper manner:

  1. Install Google Home app on your smartphone as the setup process will be done through this app. Reason being, Google Home doesn’t come with a screen, so everything needs to be done via smartphone.
  2. You can download the app from Google Play Store and then install it on your smartphone. The application is available for Android devices as well as Apple devices.
  3. Plug in the power adapter into the wall outlet. Connect one end of the adapter at the back of the device and another end into the wall outlet. With this, the device goes into booting process and then, you will see a colourful array of lights.
  4. Take your smartphone now as the settings will be done there. Launch the app and once it is opened, tap ‘devices’ icon that is given on the screen. You will have to find ‘Google Home’ option on ‘devices’ screen. After that, tap ‘setup’ and then, ‘continue’.
  5. Now comes the most step of Google Home com setup. Your smartphone is going to be connected to a temporary wireless network on the device. After you do so, you have to check that you are connected to the correct device.
  6. You can now name your Google Home from varied options. This will depend upon the place where you want to keep your device. If the name you want to add is not listed, then choose a different name. After naming the device, tap ‘continue’.
  7. Connect the device to Wi-Fi network, and once it is connected, Google Home will update itself.
  8. Let the updates install and then, sign in with your Google account.

With this, the setup process is complete. If there is any issue in any of the above-mentioned steps, then you can take Google Home com support. We at Google Home Support can help you provide a permanent solution for any issue befalling Google Home.

Google Home works a lot better when you have a company like Google Home Support by your side. We deliver the most conscientious Google Home help at the most affordable price. So, if you have purchased Google Home and looking to set it up, then you better get in touch with us now.